Having performed as a lead guitarist, frontman for over 25 years in various bands up and down the country since leaving the forces, playing many top clubs in the midlands and gigs abroad in USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Jersey, France, Monte Carlo, Ibiza and Tenerife, ten years ago returned to the UK and has performed with his last band all around London and surrounding areas.  
   Now living in Suffolk and these days as much at home playing ragtime on his acoustic guitar, Mickey Flynn has created and produced all his own backing tracks using a keyboard sequencer workstation, sound canvasses and many other pieces of digital equipment and is in popular demand as a solo act / one man band and currently performing around many public houses, custom car and bike shows, clubs, barbecue's and private parties in the South East of England.
Playing the sounds of:-
The Allman Bros – Lynrd Skynrd – SavoyBrown – George Thorogood – Clapton – Hendrix – Gary Moore – Rory Gallagher – J J Cale – Robin Trower –Carlos Santana  – Bob Dylan –  Peter Green – G n R – ZZ tops – Free – Black Crows - Doors – Travis Tritt – Stevie Ray Vaughan  - Tom Petty – Dr Feelgood – Dire Straits – Chris Rea – Omar & the Howlers 
Originals and more


Rounding off our tributists, look out for guitarist Mickey Flynn, sometimes seen accompanied with a band but doing a lot of solo work lately.

Mickey, a walking epitome of blues rock, does the genre justice with fantastic solos. Certainly worth a look down at The Rose on November 15 at 9pm.

HI Mickey, Just to introduce myself. Ex Selmer/Proamp design engineer, played guitar for 40 odd years. Have designed amps for Bon Jovi, Level 42 and others. Love Hendrix. I have just played your "Taste of the blues" CD for the umpteenth time, great I LOVE it mate. Really like track 10. Any other CDs with that style? Few licks Id like to rip off !!! Best regards from a fellow muso. John Cooper      repoocrj@aol.com

Many Many thanks for sending me the CD’s I love them all - your brochure with photos is great -  thanks for a brills time in your company at Richard Heards survival bash – a fab class act Best of everything - Paul Jones, Property Developments UK, Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire, 01480 403916

On behalf of the Iron Crows MCC just to confirm our booking at our Xmas bash – please bring some more Hit the Road series and your own Taste of the Blues CD’s with you when you come everyone wants a set - Kind Regards Goldie 
Merci, cher monsuer, pour vetre envor et pour la lecture de mes livres – bien condialement – Christian Jacq Author &Egyptologist

Mickey – Help- have just bought a zoom pedal how do I get a sound like yours ?       yo Chris – send  /  return //  it from the back of your amp using the clean sounds on zoom board only – get a V twin distortion – a boss overdrive – a boss blues distortion &  a Lexicon Reverb unit…Plug ur guitar into the blues distortion // the overdrive //  the V twin // output of V twin to input of amp. Send from back of amp to input of zoom board  - output of Zoom Board  to input of the Lexicon – output of Lexicon to return in amp. Set ur distortion box levels to about one oclock and distortion gains to about nine/ten oclock and mess about with each pedal off – one on - two on and all on with the settings on your amp – master at one oclock – gain about nine/ten oclock – have fun regards 

Was good catching up with you again last night – cheers 4 the great music, a great CD, I love standing at the crossroads again – cheers 4 that un – keep the flys of ur a... and the bears of ur glass, Graham Gowans

Hiya Mickey, got your package, Many thanks indeed mate, that was really nice of you. We'll have a good few hours of entertainment at the clubhouse with all that music!  Maybe we'll see you down here one day?  Stay in touch,  all the best. Baz, HAMC,Costa Blanca,Spain.

Good to hear from you again buddy. I have only just got back on line after a two month wait (we had ADSL for 2 days then it went down for a week again - bienvenido a Espana!) All is going well here. It has rained non-stop for 7 days now but we really DO need it. The water shortage got so bad, I thought I was gonna have to start drinking beer! Catch ya soon mate Take care Baz HAMC Costa Blanca

Thanks for your help on Saturday it was much appreciated by everyone, we raised £1,550 for our charities. Many Thanks Graham Spurgeon TH-UK Online Services

Hi Mickey, thanks for the cultural posters you sent me last week, some real useful info on them and they’ve brightened up our office, catch you around at your next gig down this way. Bugsy

Dear Mickey, Many thanks for your package of tunes and movies, I’ve sent them on to the lads in Helmund, Afghanistan where I’m sure they will be much appreciated. The conditions are a bit austere but things are going well, they have already built a muscle beach and are teaching the Army how to do phys’, so the tunes will come in handy.  J Coy will be back in the UK towards the end of .  then the whole Brigade will ship out to the same place, it seems like another NI all over again.   Many thanks again for taking the time and trouble to pass on the CD’s, it’s always good to hear from ex-bootnecks.   All the best with the gigs around London, I’ll be working in town next year so I’ll look out for you. Yours Ever Lt Col Ged M Salzano MBE RM, HQ company, 42 Commando Group Royal Marines, Bickleigh Barracks, Plymouth, Devon, PL6, 7AJ. PS will pass on my regards to Capt D
Storrie and Big John Lear                                                     

Mickey, Was with Matt at the Archers last night – Vic and Marilyn –Just thought I would drop a line to say what a great evening, you were magic – we have not enjoyed a blues night so much since we saw Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall – what a great guitarist and what a great entertainer you are – good luck – hope to see you again on the 28th at the Archers  - happy Christmas to you and your lady….. Vic Gower 

Hi Mickey,  Good news from the custom show last Sunday we took £1,500 for the 2 kids charity, thanx for the support, a great day had by all, see you next year on the 31st August 2008 Best Regards Steve

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